The Hague Market

The Hague Market (‘De Haagse Markt’) is one of the largest multicultural markets in Europe. Antiques, foreign, modern, inexpensive, unique: it’s all here at The Hague Market. The merchandise here reflects the multicultural population of the city. Walk through the food area where Dutch cauliflower is amiably on display beside fresh coriandar, baklava, sharon fruit, fresh fish and yardlong beans. Be delighted by the extensive flower market and feast your eyes on the clothing and footwear section.

Large range of exotic products
The market is visited by approximately 35,000 people, four days a week. The Hague Market is primarily known for its large range of exotic products, although it does have a very diverse range. From fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and meat to herbs and from women’s, men’s and children’s clothing to electronics.

The Hague Market completely renovated
After a period of thorough renovation, the Hague Market officially reopened in 2015. New, more luxurious stalls, innovative, hip business owners, more food service outlets and wider walkways make the market even more attractive for visitors.